The Benefits of Classic Car Self Storage in Barnsley

Classic Car Self Storage

Boylin’s Classic Car Self Storage offers cost-affordable classic car self storage solutions for all South-Yorkshire customers.

Why Boylin’s Classic Car Self Storage you Might Ask?

With water-proof units and 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance, customer classic cars and property are always guaranteed maximum protection.

With easy drop-off and loading zones, clients have access to their classic cars and belongings day and night.

Boylin’s Classic Car Self Storage locations are also gated and fenced for added protection and security.

From classic cars, business stock and inventory to personal items and family heirlooms, units are available in multiple sizes to meet customer needs within time and budget.

Boylin’s Classic Car Self Storage features multiple locations throughout the UK.

Their offering includes rental units with sizes large enough to store or house big classic cars or vintage automobiles.

In fact, this is the most cost-efficient alternative to parking your classic cars in private lots.

Similarly, you can save a ton of room in your garage or outside you home by choosing Boylin’s to house your classic cars.

Classic cars are always in great demand -and sadly – many of them tend to get stolen if left unattended.

With this in mind, Boylin’s Classic Car Self Storage offers the perfect way to protect your classic automobiles and motorcycles year in and out.

With security codes needed for entry and exit, all customer classic cars and other belongings are fully protected at all times.

From Barnsley and Bradford to Leeds and Rotherham, Boylin’s Classic Car Self Storage facilities are used by countless businesses and customers.

Whether you need safe rental units and lots for classic cars or old furniture and electronics.

Boylin’s will truly achieve your desired results.

They also offer the perfect solution for de-cluttering your garages, basements, attics and crawlspaces.

Customers simply need to visit any of the seven locations for a tour of their facilities and services.

With on-site stores and helpful staff members, customers have at all times access to a wide range of packing materials and boxes.

They also have access to monthly payment plans, along with quarterly or “pay as you go” rental plans.

If you value your classic car, you need to keep it as safe and dust-free as possible.

Boylin’s classic car self storage containers or units are water-proof and secured.

This helps protect the quality of all your items – even those stored in carton boxes or containers.

For more information on Classic Car Self Storage units and services, please contact or visit:

Boylin’s Self Store

Unit 1 Strafford
Industrial Park
Gilroyd Lane Dodworth
Barnsley S75 3EJ

Tel: 01226 321800
Fax: 01226 321700

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