Data Protection is an important issue; store any archived documents safely with us for as long as you like

  As the owner of a Yorkshire business you are aware that it is vital that you protect your employee data. Whether it is their resumes, their personal information, their application letters or just internal correspondence you have to do whatever is necessary to make sure that it doesn’t fall… Read More >>

Affordable, Weather Proof and Secure Storage in a Location That Suits You

As Yorkshire real estate becomes more and more expensive storage is becoming a problem both in homes and in offices. Fortunately, the emergence of self storage containers means that people no longer have to spend money renting additional rooms to store their items. Whether you are in Barnsley, Bradford, Leeds,… Read More >>

“I don’t want to leave my tools in my van overnight in case they are stolen” – don’t worry, you can put them into storage with us

  As a Yorkshire tradesman, one of the most important investments for your job is your tools – they allow you to do what you do for your clients. In fact, if you lost them you would not be able to make any money because you would not be able… Read More >>

What sort of things can I store with you?

This is one of the most common questions that we get at Boylin’s Self Store – people want to know whether there is a limit as to the variety of items that they can store in our containers. The answer is that you can store all sorts of things so… Read More >>

If you’re moving abroad but don’t want to part with your belongings, put them into storage with us

Your boss has just told you that an opportunity has come up abroad and he would like you to go and work there for some time, or maybe business or relatives are calling and you have to go away for more than a few months. Should you continue paying rent… Read More >>

Our Wakefield introductory offer is still available!

Are you looking for storage in Wakefield? If yes you will be happy to know that we can provide you with whatever space you need, and you will also be taking advantage of our introductory offer. Whether you are looking to store personal items, business documents, business inventory or even… Read More >>