Worried storage in Barnsley will cost a fortune? Worry no longer!

Storing your items well is important for the security of your things. When we lack enough storage, we are forced to rent space for storage. That may be short term or long term which is dependent on what you need. It might seem like renting storage space cost will cost… Read More >>

We’re local, affordable and secure; what more could you ask for from a storage company?!

When you are comparing Yorkshire storage companies there are certain qualities that you are looking for – you want to find one that is secure and that has done enough to make sure that clients’ items remain in the best shape possible while they are in storage. That is why… Read More >>

FAQ’s about storage facilities

  What can I use storage facilities for? Although most people assume that storage facilities are used for storing personal items such as excess household items, there is no reason that you cannot use storage facilities for your business. You can use them to store inventory, documents and whatever else… Read More >>

Our storage containers have multiple uses; documents, hobby items, business inventory – you name it!

Most people who seek out Yorkshire storage companies are usually looking to store personal items. Sometimes they have exhausted space in the home and don’t want to throw away items; or it could be that they are moving away for a while and don’t want to pay rent for an… Read More >>

For any and every item, we have the perfect sized storage container

Every once in a while you may find yourself needing somewhere to store your stuff for a specific period of time. At Boylin’s Self Store, we offer you with both personal storage solutions and business storage solutions. If you are into business and need some extra place to store your… Read More >>

Worried storage in Rotherham will cost a fortune?…worry no longer!

There are various aspects to consider when looking for storage either for your business or personal belongings. The two major ones are either to buy a storage container or rent one. Many people worry that renting a space for storage will cost a fortune. This is not true as Boylin’s… Read More >>