If you don’t trust that your tools will be safe in your van at night, we can store them for you

The biggest fear for any tradesman is to have their tools stolen from their van. However, there are other storage solutions that they can make use of. They can use the Boylins self storage containers to store their tools. This is the best business storage solution for any tradesman. Your tools… Read More >>

Document archiving: a Human Resources nightmare that we can solve!

In the UK, you are required by law as the owner of a business to keep employee records for a certain period of time. How long depends on the kind of document it is – some are required for a few years but there are others that you are required… Read More >>

If your eBay shop is expanding, we can help find some storage space for you

When you have an eBay business to supplement your income you will need to have space to store all your products. You will need something that is safe and available whenever you need to get access to your products. Get storage solutions from Boylins self storage. They have different locations… Read More >>

If you’re downsizing but dont want to get rid of your valuables we can provide you a safe storage space

When downsizing and moving to a smaller flat or house, one of the biggest struggles is what to do with all of your things. You’ll undoubtedly have some big decisions to make, as it’s highly unlikely that all of your furniture and other items will be able to fit into… Read More >>